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Why would a baby need to be seen by a Chiropractor?

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Think about the position of the baby in the womb and how long they are in there…

Now think about the process of baby coming out of the pelvis or being pulled from the abdomen (c-section).

While babies are soft and pliable and we’ve have been doing this for years (having babies:) there has been more and more research on the importance of getting baby checked post delivery and early infancy. Read on to find what I see most of in my office.

Many times mom brings baby in with her to also be checked after the delivery due to the stress of the delivery or to just get checked, not latching or hard to latch, or a baby that wont stop crying.

I also see parents bringing baby in around month 1-2 with complaints of a head side preference or torticollis (always lying their head to one side or a heavy nursing side preference), reflux, constipation, and general fussiness that is more than the norm.

When you come in to the office I first ask the main reasons for bringing baby in and concerns you are seeing. This gives me a clear picture of what is going on with baby at home. I have a specific list of questions I ask to make sure we are hitting each point and potential complaint to give us more of a picture. I then hold baby and make my own observations. What position does baby prefer I hold them in and at what angles? If they like back lying do they want their knees closer to chest or do they prefer hanging? I feel for restrictions of movement along the spine and once I find restriction, is it painful when pressure is applied or do they push against my pressure? This all paints a picture of their spine and how they are feeling.

I then proceed with exam and adjustments when needed.

*In the description under my videos I like to type up most of what I am saying, however in this video it is heavy in demonstration. If you have any specific questions or want to get your baby checked give our office a call at 701.838.0090

All the Best, Dr. Becky Perry-Domres