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What to Expect for Pregnancy Chiropractic Care

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One thing you can expect, and many pregnant patients love, is you can lay on your tummy! I have a special table here at Premier Chiropractic, in Minot ND, that allows mom for lying face down to get adjusted. I do a very specific technique to balance out the pelvis. The objective is to get the hips and pelvis in perfect symmetry and to free up restrictions in the ligaments. By doing this we are allowing more room for the baby to move around because of less constriction in the abdomen. A symmetrical and balanced pelvis also comes in handy when you go into labor.

Many women ask, “Will this affect my baby?”

When you are in our office I am treating and focusing on you. We are taking care of your needs and balancing you out. The OB or Midwife appointment is for your baby. So, other than the sounds baby might hear or space they feel with you being balanced, your baby will not be affected.

How often do I need to be seen by the Chiropractor when I am pregnant?

The answer depends on so many factors. Your spine prior to getting pregnant and your activities of daily living play a huge role. Some pregnant women come in and I see them a few times throughout their pregnancy while others need it more frequently. I do give you exercises to help support your pelvis and, if you need it, I use rock tape to support the abdomen and low back to help hold your adjustment.