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What can PC do for me?


Involves innovative and advanced chiropractic care combined with functional rehabilitation, soft tissue/muscular techniques, trigger point acupuncture, and nutrition. Dr. Kirk sees patients of all types. Ranging from high end athletes, to those in pain, to those who simply want to improve their quality of life.

The goal of functional chiropractic is to identify any movement dysfunction or improper movement “patterning” that a patient may present with. By identifying these poor patterns and what is causing them, the true cause of a problem can then be identified and subsequently corrected.

The human body is built to move: breathing, pushing, pulling, bending, twisting, squatting, lunging and walking are all tasks that i think everyone can agree are necessary for normal function on a daily basis. Whether you’re carrying a suitcase, walking up a flight of stairs, operating machinery or kicking a soccer ball, each of these activities requires a specific pattern of movement that allows us to move in the most efficient way possible. Each movement requires a series of joint, muscle, bone, ligament, tendon, and fascial interplay to work together in a specific pattern. the brain must be able to communicate to the structures of the body properly, then each individual part must begin to work in unison. If something in the body is out of whack and not functioning properly, we may start to compensate, producing poor quality movement, pain with movement or no movement at all. This improper movement can present with a wide array of symptoms/conditions, and understanding how to correct these problems starts with an understanding of biomechanics and human movement.

Functional Chiropractic is not just concerned with decreasing pain, although that is a key part of the equation. The end goal is to decrease pain, and then more importantly, improve every patient’s overall movement, function, and health, by delivering the best results possible.


Dr. Becky only sees prenatal and pediatrics. She has focused her practice to aid in the care of pregnant women. From having a special table to support in the growing belly to specific rock tape to hold the belly and relieve pressure. You will be well taken care of from early pregnancy to labor, and after if needed.

“I am checking for pure symmetry in the pelvis and ligaments surrounding the abdomen. When a mother is carrying her baby in pure symmetry it can help everything from pain relief to a smoother delivery.” – Dr. Becky

For the PEDIATRIC PATIENT (ages 0-18) –

“As a mother of three little ones I know the importance of having children checked from birth/early childhood and the positive effects it can have on them as they grow.” -Dr. Becky

Parents often find their way to our office because someone told them a chiropractor can help with colic, fussiness, ear infections, behavioral issues, trouble sleeping and more. That is great! I would also recommend a parent get their child checked before things become an issue but we can help once they have become an issue as well.