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The Role of the Chiropractor in Pregnancy – The Webster Technique

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If you have been in the pregnancy world at all, The Webster Technique, is most likely something you have heard before. It is often associated with “turning the breech baby.”

The Chiropractor never turns the baby. We are working with the mother’s pelvis and structure surrounding the pelvis (muscles and ligaments) to allow for better symmetry, ease of tension and joint movement. This allows the uterus to take on its natural shape of symmetry without improper tension and torque.

I did a video previously on exercises and stretches you can do at home to help open up the space and allow for more room. You can watch that here -> Pregnancy Exercise Video

In this video I am explaining the role of the chiropractor in helping to restore joint function of the hip and symmetry within the area of the pelvis and abdomen.

A lot of times mothers that come in have hip pain on one side or sacral pain (the area between the two hip bones). This leads to ligaments that connect from mid uterus to the hip bone to tense up on one or both sides. This causes a restriction within the uterus making it difficult for baby to get into that proper position.

How I do to help correct this:

I find the area of joint restriction and do an adjustment. I then do muscle work in areas around the pelvis that are tense. I finish by releasing any ligament tension in the round ligaments. I person has different actives of daily living. Some moms are carrying another child on their hip or working a desk job, so I make sure to get a clear picture of daily routines to work with mom to make sure they maintain that symmetry, joint movement and ease of tension.

If you have any questions or would like an evaluation during your pregnancy, feel free to give our office a call at 701.838.0090

All the Best,

Dr. Becky Perry-Domres

Minot, ND Chiropractor