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Supporting the Pregnant Belly

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During pregnancy our belly grows and grows and grows. At some point we need a little extra support.

There are so many things on the market to help support the growing belly. In this video I explain why I prefer RockTape to other belly supports.

If you watch athletic events such as the Olympics you’ll typically see the athletes wearing a form of RockTape. The reason they are wearing the tape is mainly to help support the area and remain active while recovering from an injury. This sounds familiar to me…most of pregnancy.

In pregnancy we often have round ligament pain, low back pain and overall pressure in the abdominal area. This can be eased by chiropractic adjustments followed by the support of taping. The reason I tape in my office is to help support the adjustment. I make sure the pelvic area, the abdomen and surrounding ligaments are in alignment and symmetry through chiropractic care and using the webster technique. Once the adjustment is done I add the Rocktape to the areas of concern or areas that need the support. This holds the adjustment longer and mom is able to move freely while still having the support she needs. Patients often report with less pain, ability to sleep more comfortably and overall decreased pain symptoms.

If you are currently pregnant and have not been to our office, give us a call at 701.838.0090 to see how the adjustment and taping can help you throughout your pregnancy.

Dr. Becky Perry-Domres

Minot Chiropractor