Do You NEED To Get Your Neck Adjusted?



One aspect of chiropractic is what is called “spinal manipulation”. This term is also called an adjustment. The best evidence behind this widely used technique states that the adjustment is restoring motion to joints that have been restricted. In my opinion spinal manipulation is an effective tool at treating the cervical spine, but as a stand-alone treatment it can fall short. This is why we make sure to combine manipulation with rehabilitation, soft tissue/muscular techniques, and acupuncture needling. Some patient LOVE getting their cervical spine adjusted, others don’t (and that is just fine).


Some patient have the perception that they MUST get their necks adjusted when going to a chiropractor. This is a false assumption, especially at our clinic. If someone does not want to get their neck adjusted do we force them, or try to persuade them? NO. If they don’t want it done, we won’t do it. Simple as that.


The main techniques we use to effect the musculature of the cervical spine are myofascial release (similar to deep tissue massage but taking the muscle through an active range of motion) or Post-Isometric Relaxation (PIR). PIR is a stretching technique that is effective for relaxing tight muscles. We also use Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Moblization (IASTM) in some cases when indicated. These techniques can be effective when combined with rehabilitative exercise in restoring proper function to the cervical spine.


We also use some joint mobilization techniques to restore proper joint movement if patients are not comfortable with an adjustment. These techniques take a little longer than an adjustment, but the goal of them is the same: Restoring Joint Movement!


Bottom Line: You do NOT need to get your neck adjusted if you are not comfortable with it. We have other techniques to try to accomplish the same goal!


Dr. Kirk Mason, Premier Chiropractic


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