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Our recent Minot and Kenmare community involvement and happenings…

Our vision at Premier Chiropractic is to improve the movement, function, and health of everyone in community and surrounding areas of Minot and Kenmare, ND.

We know the importance of community involvement, and this is why we make it a priority to give back to the great people and causes here in Minot, Kenmare and surrounding areas.

Dr. Kirk, his wife and friends were part of the Minot Rec. Volleyball League.

They represented Premier Chiropractic well as they took 1st Place! Way to go!

Dr. Kirk and his wife, Jacinta, are quit the volleyball players!

This year Dr. Becky was Co-Chair for The Bid Global Latch On Event. Mommas around the world “latch” at the same time to show support and spread awareness.

Global Big Latch On events take place at registered locations around the world, where women gather together to breastfeed and offer peer support to each other. Their friends, family and community join this celebration to promote and support breastfeeding.

Hundreds of Minot area kids are expected to go back to school without any of the most basic supplies. Help us Fill the Bus and help kids in need!
We will be a drop off spot for the 2017 Fill The Bus Campaign that the Minot Rotary puts on.
Here are the items we need most:
– Protractor / Compass Kits
– New Backpacks
– Dry Erase Markers
– Kleenex
– Hand Sanitizer
– Antibacterial Wipes
– Pencil Pouches
– Water Color Paints
– College Ruled Paper / Notebooks
– Pocket Folders in Primary Colors
– Mechanical Pencils of these kids’ extracurriculars.

Premier Chiropractic was the Sponsor for 2 T-ball teams coached by Mrs. Grunenwald and a 3-5 year old kickball team coached by Sami Brandt and Dr. Becky. Both sports are free for children to play and keep kids active in the community.

“My favorite T-balls game to attend was when Premier Chiropractic played Premier Chiropractic because I knew we would win that game!”- Dr. Becky

The Kickball was an absolute riot. I think the kids enjoyed the dirt as much as the actual game…or more.

Minot says a fun active community and we enjoyed being apart of these kids’ extracurriculars.

What a BLAST! 2017 ND State Fair Parade Float. This year’s theme was “Serving North Dakota and Beyond.” We made a tennis court of a float and “served” the fair goers some sweet treats!. The kids had fun running and handing out candy. Sami’s son, Eliot, Dr. Kirk’s niece and nephews, and Dr. Becky’s kids along with friends and family all joined in on the fun. We plan on making this a yearly event.

We are so excited to be able to give to such a great cause! For those that aren’t aware, Prairie Grit Adaptive Sports provides sports opportunities for Youth and Adults living with Physical and Mental Disabilities. Their main sport right now is sled hockey, and we are pleased to donate a sled to this amazing cause!

Dr. Kirk has been working extensively with Head Football Coach Chris Compton and the Bishop Ryan Lions Athletic Program to implement some of the best mobility and stability techniques available. The goal is to increase performance and decrease injury prevalence.

We are happy to announce that we have donated 15 foam rollers to Bishop Ryan Athletics in an effort to accomplish this goal!

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