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Functional Friday Episode #18- Rocktape

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I am sure everyone has seen this crazy looking tape on athletes. The claims made are sometimes a little excessive, but at Premier Chiropractic we use this tape quite often. There are several reasons why we use it:


  • Posture


Posture is something that matters! For many people who work at desks all day, being in a constantly flexed posture lead to your tissues being “sensitized”. The best way to avoid this tissue sensitization is to avoid activities that aggravate the condition. A lot of times this comes in the form of people staying in a proper posture during the day, and getting up and moving around as much as they can. This can be easier said than done sometimes, and that is why I like Rocktape to help out in the process. The stretch that rocktape gives on the skin helps give a neurological input, telling that person to stay in “proper” posture. Another word for this proper posture is “joint centration”, in which you have the best mechanical advantage for the passive joint system, and the active muscular system.


  • Decrease Pain


The leading theory on how Rocktape (or any kind of kinesiology tape) decreases pain is mainly neurological. The theory is that it activates mechanoreceptors and inhibits nociceptors from firing. An easy way to think of this is it turns off bad pain signals, and activates good signals to give your brain a chance to function without constantly being bombarded by pain signaling.


  • Decrease Swelling and Increase Lymph Drainage


This is an idea still in its infancy in the research world, but if you google pictures of kinesiology tape and bruising, you will see some pretty amazing stories and photos! The leading theory in this department is that the tape is lifting the superficial fascia, and thus can increase blood flow, decrease swelling, and help out with the healing process.


Dr. Kirk Mason, Premier Chiropractic, Chiropractor Minot ND