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Functional Friday Episode #14- Why Use A Lumbar Support?

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Ever use a lumbar support and wonder why?

Im sure we have all been exposed to the traditional “back support” in a chair we have sat it. Low back pain is such an epidemic in our country, and worldwide, that it is inevitable that part of this pain can come from sitting. Sitting for long hours on end can definitely cause some problems, and getting up and being active during the day is the best way to combat that problem sometimes. In other cases, people don’t have that option. The most common reason I hear is that people’s job’s require them to sit for hours on end. I think we can all agree this probably isn’t the best thing for your spine of musculoskeletal system.

A lumbar support is an easy way to maybe alleviate some of that pain, and also alleviate some of the tension in your low back muscles during the day. I have already done some videos on the problem with spinal flexion under load, but even if it is not under load and someone is sitting in a “slouched” posture all day, it can lead to problems. These problems can range from low back and neck pain, to headaches, to a variety of other conditions. If spinal flexion is a pain trigger for you, using a lumbar support may provide some relief. If it makes things worse, obviously I don’t recommend using it any longer. The best way to know if a lumbar support will help would be to get a full functional movement evaluation from a qualified physician (I recommend Premier Chiropractic haha).

Dr. Kirk Mason, Premier Chiropractic, Chiropractor Minot ND