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Ease your Pregnancy Symptoms with Chiropractic

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Nausea, back pain, pelvic pain, round ligament pain, swelling in feet/ankles, legs cramps, headaches, constipation…. what else am I missing?

All the joys of pregnancy, totally normal, something you better get used for these next 38-42 weeks of your wonderful pregnancy journey.

Yes, these symptoms are common among pregnant women. They are also typically a secondary condition of underlying causes. Your body changes in hormone levels and structure as you undergo 40 weeks of growing a life inside of you. They can also be properly managed and decreased while under regular chiropractic care during pregnancy.

How can that be?

During pregnancy our bodies undergo significant changes. Our pelvis opens up and becomes more unstable with the hormones and the pressure our ligaments now have to carry, our low back has to support the growing baby and starts curve more. This puts pressure in the mid back that now has to support a heavier achy chest. Sleeping becomes a chore that we dread by 9 pm at night. A game we play of being oh, so tired and not wanting to toss and turn all night. Sounds fun…

So, how does chiropractic help?

In the early stages of pregnancy I check for any imbalance/asymmetry in the pelvis. Due to the hormone relaxin (a hormone that increases in pregnancy, it relaxes ligaments and tissue so your belly can grow) your pelvis and other bony structures can fall out of place easier than they would have pre-pregnancy. Proper hip alignment is essential to manage pregnancy’s secondary symptoms such as hip pain and mid back pain. Once the pelvis is out of alignment you then have a chain reaction or compensating when you walk, sit and yes, even when you “attempt” to sleep.

At Premier Chiropractic I go over your health history, any previous pregnancies you might have had and your current pregnancy. I look at certain movements you are doing and the structure of your spine. I adjust any areas of restriction or misalignment and give you exercises to do at home to help support the adjustment and your growing body.

I also have personally used many resources we have in town; such as Serene Circle that help support a wonderful pregnancy experience. Pregnancy does not have to be all aches, pain and nausea. We only get to experience this journey a limited number of times in our life. Enjoy yours:)

As always, we look forward to seeing you in our office.

Dr. Becky Perry-Domres, Minot Chiropractor