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Ear Infections in children – How Chiropractic Care can Help

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If ear infections are a problem in your home you’ll want to check out this video! Find out why children get them more often and what you can do about it.

About 90% of children age 0-3 will have at least one ear infection in that time period.
Minot Chiropractor, Dr. Becky Perry-Domres explains why it is more prevalent in children, what to look for and how chiropractic can help your children before or during an ear infection or ear ache.

The eustachian tube in a child is straight on more of a horizontal plane whereas an adults eustachian tube is curved down allowing better drainage. When children get colds, upper respiratory infections or have food allergies they tend to get more “gunk” in their ears behind in front of and behind the ear drum. When it isn’t able to drain it sometimes turns into an infections.

As a chiropractic I do a very specific adjustment to the child’s upper cervical spine. This section is typically putting even more pressure on that area inhibiting drainage even further. A specific adjustment and some soft tissue work to promote drainage aids in the healing of the infection and ache.